Fly fishing – river Eldvatn

In our back yard runs river Eldvatn , catch & release fly fishing heaven. It is a 20km long water system filled with natural stock of the icelandic sea trout , brown trout , arctic char and salmon.

Prime time for fishing our river is from 1st-30th of april , 15th of august – 20th of october each year.



Eldvatn river translates as fire water river. It’s origin is deep in the Eldhraun lava field where 3 small creeks emerge gin clear after being filtered by the young lava field. The creeks combine into this amazing river and on it’s way to the ocean countless fresh water springs add water to the river. It is a fly fishing paradise offering pool sizes from wide 2 hander slow streams down to the smallest creeks where small trout rods is the perfect tool. The river is over 20km in total with the side creeks , with 10km where b
oth banks can be fished , so in total over 30km of river bank.



We care about our environment and natural resources , EQ8A1502the sea trout is a unique fish that has survived many natural disasters, for example the Laki eruption which , at the same
time ,  created their current home , the rivers flowing from the Eldhraun lava field.  Since we started taking care of river Eldvatn we allow only fly fishing, and all sea trout must be released again into the river.




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If you are interested in our river then you can send us an email to or give us a phone call to +354 694 1259   We allow 6 rods at the same time in the river , and accommodation can vary from a small comfortable 2 person holiday home to a  8 room / 16 bed lodge.